January Update 2021 - A year in review...

So, looking at my last update (November 2019) I was threatening to update more regularly, that doesn't appear to have happened...

Who would have predicted the kind of year 2020 was going to turn into, so, to be fair the less said about 2020 the better, anyway I won't mention 'it' here as we've all heard enough about it but leave it at - every care was made to protect our clients and team throughout.

We're looking forward to great things in 2021 to get more than an annual update follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

We left our last update in November 2019 renovating a Chelmsford property into a 6 bed HMO for our investment partner company Connection Property who had also just had an offer accepted on an HMO project in Colchester.

December 2019:

The HMO project in Chelmsford progresses nicely.

We popped back to the two chalet bungalows we built for a developer client to preform the water tests for building control sign off.

Our HMO project in Colchester is fully stripped out and starts to be pieced back together.

January 2020:

The Chelmsford HMO project for Connection Property is handed over, finished, furnished and ready to let.

February 2020:

We started a two-storey side extension for a domestic client in Chelmsford.

Our HMO project in Colchester for Connection Property is ready for decorating.

March 2020:

We took on a garage enlargement while converting the two single garage doors to a single double door for a domestic client in Hornchurch.

We continued with the two-storey side extension in Chelmsford.

As well as starting a large garden building for a domestic client in Hornchurch.

April 2020:

Work continued on the Chelmsford extension.

And the garden building in Hornchurch.

May 2020:

Work on the garden building in Hornchurch continues.

The HMO in Colchester is handed over to Connection Property furnished and ready to let out.

June 2020:

The two-storey extension in Chelmsford is handed over.

Work continues on the garden building in Hornchurch.

July - December 2020:

Work continues in Hornchurch on the garden room and we start a major landscaping project for the same client.

January 2021:

We kick off 2021 breaking ground on a new house building & development project for Connection Property, a new build and renovation project with an investment partner in Chelmsford.

We'll be completely referbishing the existing building including rebuilding the porch and rear extension which were previously single skin brick work. We'll be converting the loft and remodelling the interior to create a totally new layout and living space.

The new build will be built to the same new lay out with matching loft and living space. There's significant work to do in the foundations, groundworks and landscaping where the new build property sits lower than the host property which already sits below the adjacent street level.

Work begins... existing building stripped out and existing extension demolished, plus the external garage and concrete to the rear of the property lifted in two days and outstanding effort from the guys.

We've got 6 months to refurbish, extend and fit out the existing property and build the new house - follow us for updates on Instagram or Facebook.

If you have land or a development opportunity and are looking for a development partner then please get in touch or 0330 311 0200.