The next investment project - HMO to 3 houses, conversion & new build in Chelmsford.

The next project for Connection Construction will be a conversion and new build project for Connection Investments Ltd. The project consists of converting a 9 bedroom HMO property into a 3 bedroom house and a 2 bedroom house while also building a new 2 bedroom house on the side.

Having achieved planning permission on the second attempt thanks to the wonderful team at Munday & Cramer Architects we're now pushing through building control approval before breaking ground in the next few weeks.

The existing building was previously a 3 bed house that had a large extension for the purpose of creating a 9 bedroom HMO. Purchased by Connection Investments Ltd in 2013 and managed as such since, building on the site was always a long term exit strategy.

It was the partnership with Connection Construction that allowed these plans to be brought forward, knowing the exact build cost and working in partnership with our expert team provided the confidence to take on this project sooner rather than later.

Built with development finance the pressure will be on to complete the conversion of the existing building into a 3 bed and 2 bed house and complete the construction of the new 2 bed house within 5 months, a tight schedule for a reasonable size project.

The finished properties will be retained by Connection Investments Ltd as rental properties, releasing the initial property cost, providing a rental income per property, with a site worth upward of one million.

If you would like to be involved in our next project we're looking for investment partners to work with us going forward.

We're also actively seeking our next development opportunity now, if you have a plot of land or know of one or just want to invest then please contact

We look forward to hearing from you.