Connection Investments Ltd is a property development, investment and management company funding the development projects for Connection Construction Ltd

Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Development Opportunities & Property Investment 

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How can we help you?



If you have land to develop, you can finance the build but you would rather partner with a builder to align interests and share risk, we'll happily discuss your project with you.  

If you have land to develop but aren't able to fund the project and want a partner, we can fund your build as well as carrying out the construction work eliminating your risk.

If you have land to develop, development finance in place and simply need a reliable builder to help you through the construction process from start to final sign off, we'll happily provide a quote.





Development building considerations

Employing a builder has enough well documented risks, and when you are employing for a major construction project or development the stakes are increased considerably.   

Construction companies are running a business of course; they are looking to make a profit. By simply paying a builder you are the source of the profit and your interests are fundamentally misaligned. You want a quick turnaround, delivered professionally without cutting corners. An unscrupulous contractor will want to get out as quickly as possible with maximum profit. You run the risk of:

  • The builder doing a substandard job, the work being pulled by building control and work having to be re-done at your expense.

  • The builder partially doing the job, taking all the profit from the job and manufacturing a reason to fall out and walking away without leaving enough money in the project to hire someone else.

  • The builder may under quote the project to win the job and then come up with a number of 'extras' that suddenly need to be paid for throwing your budgeting out and resulting in cutbacks on the finishing touches that make a project. 

  • An honest builder may over quote for fear of underquoting leaving you paying too much for the work but coming from the best of intentions.

Why partner with a building company

Partnering with a building contractor correctly aligns both parties’ interests in the development. Whether you're aim is Build to Sell or Build to Let (Build to Rent) you want the best possible outcome:


A smooth build:

Having one partner who is a main contractor will ensure everyone works together, materials and staff brought in at the right moment to ease work flow and avoid delays.

A fast build:

You want your project to be the sole project your builder is undertaking, not to have teams split across different projects. This will ensure 100% focus on your development. A partner main contractor will bring in trades that will work around each other, who are used to working together to keep the pace up and help each other out for maximum efficiency.  

A fully managed build:

You want the construction team to be used to working together, self managing your project and bringing in different contractors at the different stages may sound like a good idea – the reality is, many stages overlap, independent contractors often refuse to work around other trades.  Having one main contractor insures a site with no friction and a team working together.

A professionally managed build:

Building regulations are complex and lengthy; having an experienced main contractor partner invested in the development ensures that maximum attention is given to compliance throughout. Regular meetings with warranty providers and local authority building control are taken seriously and any advisory notes adhered to and instructions carried out.

A well delivered build:

A partner main contractor will be with you to the very end, the end result is as important to them as it is to you. No shortcuts will be tolerated, no detail missed. Nothing left in the hope it won’t be noticed.

The full build seen through to completion:

With a building contractor invested in your project from start to completion you're guaranteed a partner to the end, to make sure you pass sound tests, air tightness testing, drain testing and the various other completion tests required for building sign off. The post construction stages are often where an external builder could walk away.

The build to come in under not over budget:

As a partner you’ll have full access to the books, be involved in the budget, see the quote gathering process to ensure the best deal is being agreed, not just the most convenient supplier. See the rates available to the trade with long standing relationships with suppliers. Only pay the net cost of the job in return for a profit share. You’ll know you couldn’t have built for a penny less.

Any post completion issues attended to:

​Having a main contractor partner invested in the development eliminates the possibility of individual trades employed separately from blaming each other for any end of project issues. You’ll have the one point of contact to resolve any problems quickly and without fuss.

I know of land with development potential

If you are aware of land with development potential then we would be interested to hear about it. 

Whether the land belongs to you and:

  • You just want to sell the land and take the money

  • You don't want to spend your own money to go through the planning process

  • You want to release the value of the land but don't have the time to be involved

We can provide as much help as you need through to taking on the entire project from start to finish in return for a profit share from the project.

If the potential development doesn't belong to you, if you're a land sourcer professional or accidental then we can work with you in the same way, managing the whole project from purchase to planning, foundations to sign off. We'll work on a percentage of profit based on involvement and capital investment. We'll get a signed agreement in place early so all cards are on the table and we can have a great working relationship.  


I have or know of a refurbishment project 

If you own a property which needs a major refurbishment to be market worthy and want to sell we'd be keen to hear from you. 

If you own a property which has development potential for a change of use then talk to us.

If you have or know of a major refurbishment project you'd like to undertake but want a construction partner to share the costs and the risk with then we'd be interested in discussing the opportunity with you. 


I have money to invest in property developments

If you have money to invest in property or property developments but wouldn't know where to start or simply don't have the time to spend looking for opportunities or development partners then do get in touch. 

With such terrible returns in saving accounts and the stock market requiring great patience before seeing decent returns then lending money to investors and developers can be a quick way to get great returns in relatively short periods of time.

Lending to property investors:

Property investors always need money for their next deal, with the recent changes in BTL mortgage finance it's now harder to release as much capital from each deal. Short term lending to an investor can prove very profitable in a short space of time. Although nothing is without risk, a responsible investor will give you a written guarantee spelling out the rates, the returns and your protection. Lending to an investor with an income form an existing portfolio could be considered relatively low risk investment and an effective way to improve on any other likely investment returns. 

Lending to property developers:

Property developers may be looking to borrow for longer periods, six months to a year on average but will again be willing to offer written guarantees, discuss the project with you and keep you updated with progress. Also offering excellent returns on your investment, the pay out is likely to be in a single sum with your initial investment and interest rolled up from the sale or exit finance from the specific development. If you're considering running your own developments in the future, funding a project and asking to be involved can teach you much of what you'll need to know to take on your own future projects. Alternatively if your happy getting a much greater return than you would from traditional sources, banks or stock market and your comfortable with the developer and the potential risks then just lending for development finance is always appreciated. 

Between Connection Investments Ltd and Connection Construction Ltd we're always looking to form new relationships and would be happy to discuss potential partnerships and joint ventures with you. 


About Connection Investments Ltd

Connection Investments Limited fund the development projects for Connection Construction, a property investment, development and management company. Founded by Gordon Long and Iain Large who built up an investment portfolio together from 2005 – 2008, selling their HMO properties just before the financial crash. After 5 years away from property the decision was made to combine efforts again in 2013, incorporate and return to property investment.


In 2016 Iain went full time on the Investment business and partnered with Graham to form Connection Construction Limited, a specialist building company that would mostly focus on Property Development, Refurbishment Projects, Build to Sell, Build to Rent and other development opportunities as well as offering Grahams building expertise to the public for select projects.

As Connection Investments we are always on the lookout for the next development for Connection Construction where we run a tight, lean team to keep costs down and profits to a maximum, consequently we can only manage one major project at a time so please get in touch now if you’d like to work with us.