Shed Bases and Custom Shed Building in Chelmsford & Essex

Shed Bases & Custom Shed Building in Chelmsford & Essex

Shed Base Building

We don't sell sheds but Connection Construction can professionally install a Concrete Shed Base for you. If you've bought a new shed and need a professionally installed concrete base that will last a lifetime then we will happily offer you an installation cost. 

Shed Base Building Costs

Shed Base Costs depend on the size that is required, as well as site access issues and time required to complete the job to your specification. If you'd like a quote then please get in touch. 

Custom Shed Building

If you require a large, custom built shed that's more solid and significantly better built than your going to find online for secure storage for your Church, Club, School or security needs then we will happily discuss your custom shed requirements. Whether you require a partially brick built structure or a secure wooden solution we can help. 

Custom Shed Construction Costs

Custom Shed Builds will be priced by your requirements, please get in touch for a quote.