Latest Home Renovation Trends

Are you looking for some unique and attractive renovation or extension ideas for your home? Connection Construction, builders in Chelmsford, take a look at the latest home renovation ideas.

Judging from the design trends that are taking hold in 2017, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking at renovations in London or extensions in Chelmsford! Read on, see what inspires you, and consider incorporating it into your next renovation project.


Prefabrication, or offsite construction, has shed its reputation of being simple and outdated and is becoming a method of choice for self-builders. It is being embraced as a logical build option that maximises cost, quality, and efficiency, which accounts for its steady growth since late 2016.


Hygge, a Danish word that represents well-being, became a catchphrase in UK interior design circles in early 2016. The approach introduces both personality and warmth to building interiors by using natural materials and textures. The result is the appealing transformation into a welcoming and cosy home.

Local Materials

Buying British is becoming more than a passing slogan. Sourcing local materials and craftspeople is becoming more popular as people recognise the need to invest in local communities and minimise our carbon footprint. Artisans are producing beautiful and stylish products such as handmade eco-ovens, bespoke light fixtures, and elegant concrete sink

Semi-Open Concepts

Homeowners are welcoming the idea of semi-open spaces that flow naturally from one to the other while maintaining an element of separation. These so-called ‘super spaces’ create a sense of journey and provide a highly desirable atmosphere of light and airiness without being too open and exposed.

Storage Solutions

Easy-access storage solutions are proving to be incredibly popular. The large and awkward pull-out larders are giving way to pocket doors that contain appliances: these can be pulled out and then slipped back into the side of the cabinet as needed.

Belgian Doors

Frameless glass continues to be popular, but many homeowners are finding inspiration in traditional styles such as the Belgian door, whose refined design and attractive glazing bars are complementary to extensions built on period homes.


The contextualism trend is about creating an attractive property that compliments its surroundings by drawing build cues from the location and the local atmosphere. These designs are attractive prospects to local planners.

Quirky Kitchens

Cookie-cutter kitchen designs are out and spaces with personality are decidedly in. The current trend is to combine varying cabinetry styles and finishes, such as polished wood and painted finishes in the same kitchen areas. The resulting feel is both personal and tailored.

Home Offices

An increasing number of extensions Chelmsford are being built to accommodate home offices. Thousands of people work from home, making a dedicated home office a necessity. There may be a dedicated room, or even an outbuilding so that you literally leave the house and walk to work. If space is limited, you still have options: one of this year’s key renovation trends is rooms that have dual functions, such as home offices built off of lounges or guest bedrooms.

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