Garage Door Conversion, 2 single doors to 1 double door in Chelmsford.

This week we we're booked in to convert a garage with two single garage doors to one double garage door making it easier for the owners to park slightly larger cars.

The existing garage had two separate garage doors, with two separate lintels supported on a central pier.

The garage roof was supported with acrow props, to take the weight of the central pier. The pier was carefully removed to retain as many of the bricks as possible to provide the best possible finish and the garage secured overnight awaiting the delivery of the structural steel.

The structural steel arrives and is hoisted into place to take the weight of the new double garage door and the existing garage roof. A mix of recycled and new bricks are added to the front plate to blend the new steel into the new double garage opening.

With the new structural steel in place, facing brickwork completed and the hole from the pier filled in we apply the security shutters again ready for the installation of the new double garage doors.

The finished article, you would never know there used to be two single doors into the garage and a pier in the middle. The steel and brickwork blends in as if the garage has always been built that way, a lovely job in lovely weather for lovely people.

"Thought I would thank you and your team for a magnificent job well done.   The doors were completed by noon today, and everything is looking good. Good workmanship all round and a good bit of banter to help the situation.   I have had admirers nearby who have commented on the workmanship and speed of getting the job done, so will hand your business cards around when needed. Good luck with all future projects. Thanks again

Mr P"

If you would like to convert your single garage doors into a double garage door then please don't hesitate to contact us we look forward to assisting you.