Add value to your home with a Garage Conversion in Chelmsford & Essex

If you are looking to add value to your property, figures show that converting your existing garage to provide extra space is something you should consider.

This article covers the key questions you might have about a garage conversion and includes some interesting stats on garage conversions in the UK and how much money you may make.

Garage Conversions Chelmsford

Over the past 20 years many new properties have been built in Essex with integral garages. Often they go unused and become a place to store junk. According to property expert Phil Spencer, host of Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location, 90 per cent of British garages don’t contain a car and are a wasted asset.

How much value will a garage conversion add to your property?

For the majority of people, garages are a wasted asset just waiting to be cashed in. According to experts the average cost of a garage conversion is about £10,000. Garage conversions have been used to add an extra bedroom, extend living rooms or create bigger kitchen spaces – all the kind of things that appeal to buyers and add extra value.

To work out a rough estimate of how much value your garage conversion will add to your home, simply take the extra square footage gained by the conversion and multiply it by the local average house selling price per square foot.

Then take away the estimated construction costs to convert your garage, and you will have a pretty clear picture if a conversion is worth the effort. For most people it is.

Do you need planning permission for a garage conversion?

Planning permission is not usually required for a garage conversion, providing the work is internal and does not include altering the existing structure or enlarging the building.

You should always make some quick checks with your local planning authority before going ahead however, as some residential areas may be restricted. If you live in a conservation area, or on a new build site with strict conditions, for example, you may need permission to proceed, so it is always worth checking with the planning office first.

Garage Conversions: What else do you need to consider?

While it is clear that a garage conversion will add value to your home, you also need to consider that you will be taking something away. Garages are great for storage, do you have enough elsewhere to minimise this issue? Is there room in the garden for a shed, or does the attic space already provide enough useful storage space?

You may also need to think about parking. Is there on street parking outside your property? If you have more than one car and you remove the garage will there still be room to park all the cars needed on your drive?

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