Plumbing & Electrical Work in Chelmsford & Essex

Plumbing & Electrical Work in Chelmsford & Essex

Plumbing and Electrical work are specialist trades which require qualified tradesmen up-to-date with the latest regulations which are constantly changing. 


Plumbing and Electrics are not areas to cut corners, the work can be expensive but has to be done right, lives are at risk from work carried out by unqualified trades. 


Connection Construction don't carry out plumbing and electrical work ourselves, we have a trusted team we've worked with for many years. We trust their work completely and use them continually on our own developments. We will oversee their work and work alongside them closely to deliver your project under one cost without you having to worry about when to bring in what trade and if the trades be able to work alongside each other.    

As part of your construction project we will oversee New Boiler Installations, Whole House Rewires, Complete Heating system installations for new builds or retrofitting existing properties through to adding new Radiators to your extension or installing a new Fuse Board to bring your property up to the current regulations.

Plumbing & Electrical Costs

It's impossible to offer an average cost for Plumbing & Electrical work without seeing the scope of work required. After a site survey we'll offer a written break down of your project costs as part of a completely free, no obligation quote.